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Independent Distributor Program

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Cannabis Experts has the fastest growing partners program in the country in Cannabis. 

Your network of contacts and friends in Cannabis can create life changing money and opportunity.  So many folks in emerging markets are leery of the industry and bad actors.  
Many operators and investors have been burned as well by predatory behavior.   Therefore, we strongly feel that TRUST is the most valuable human capital you have.   
It takes years to build it and literally seconds to lose it.   
We realize this and have created a partners program built on TRUST and RESPECT.  We value our prospects and customers like no other.  Our single sourcing model and ability to make our clients to be a bigger fish in the ocean of Cannabis, not only saves you money and time but offers our clients a unparalleled experience with our vendor agnostic approach.
We pay between 25-50% commission on leads.  Build your network of distributors under you and change your life today. Inquire here or call or email David Morrissey at 314 265 3086. to find out more.  

Contact us today to set up a quick call and discuss how we can assist you with an exit or help you find new assets to consider.