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Cannabis Experts is a “vendor agnostic” distributor of “the best and brightest” in the industry.

Since 2020 Cannabis Experts has helped over 100 new clients in Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, California, Colorado, Alabama keep their capital expenditures down and likelyhood of success high in multiple build outs in those States.  Some of our Areas of Expertise: 
  • General contractor- vetted list of the best in the industry 
  • Architects and Engineers 
  • We work at the very highest levels with our brand partners.   
  • Lights 
  • Security 
  • Hvac 
  • All infrastructure 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Dispensaries 
  • Testing Labs  
Anything your going to spend a nickel on we can provide options.  
You will get quotes generate by the C Suite and VP level not an inside sales rep who started 2 months ago.  
We are a one stop shop and we are not pats by you.  We are rewarded by the manufacturer but still get you a better deal.   

Contact us today to set up a quick call and discuss how we can assist you with an exit or help you find new assets to consider.